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The challenges facing the world of healthcare are daunting to say the least. At Golden Living – including all of our companies across the continuum of care: Golden LivingCenters, Aegis Therapies, AseraCare and our corporate offices – we’re not immune to these obstacles. But we are committed to giving true leaders the resources and the support they need to overcome them. Your abilities will allow us to navigate through the many challenges facing our industry. A shortage of skilled staff, rapidly increasing demand for our services, ongoing pressure to reduce costs, and don’t forget the evolving legislation in Washington.

Are you ready for the challenge of Golden Living? If you’re a proven leader, we will put your talent in the spotlight. Whether you work at the corporate office, Aegis Therapies, Golden LivingCenters or AseraCare, you’ll set the tone for your facility, division or even company. You’ll make the decisions that determine success and failure. Most important of all, you’ll know that your talent is making a difference for your staff and for the patients and residents they serve. The future of healthcare is taking shape right here. We welcome you to be a part of it.

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